CA 1010: Introduction to Theatre

Instructor: MK Raina
Through various interactive exercises, the course stimulates creativity and critical thinking. By the end of the course, students will script, direct and perform in a theatrical piece. This has been a very popular CA course over the past semesters. MK Raina is a renowned actor and director who works both on stage and in films, and is one of the foremost theatre personalities in the nation.
Evaluation will be based on attendance and group performances.

CA 1011: Introduction to Sculpture

Instructor: Prithi Kahar
This course will explore the basic techniques of sculpture making using multiple media. The course involves the study of sculptural compositions, geometrical forms, and organic forms, and mixed-media sculpture. A product of MS University Vadodara, Priti Kahar is a painter and sculptor who exhibits her work all over the world. She has also won several awards, including the Shilpadhara Award in 2007. Evaluation will be based on attendance and group performances.

CA 1012: My City: A Course in Photography by Tomasz Sobecki.

Instructor: Tomasz Sobecki
This course will focus on the photographic representation of cities. Using Tomasz Sobecki’s photographs of his own city from his “MAGIC TORUN” collection as a template, the course will give students the opportunity to pursue a photography project in which they document a city; they will also get the chance to display their work in an exhibition at the end of the course. Tomas Sobecki holds a PhD from the Film Department of the National Lodz Film School. He is also the founder and artistic director of STUDiO’Vi, an award-winning advertising agency.

CA 1013: Singing Kabir with Prahlad Tipaniya

Instructor: Padmashri Prahlad Tipaniya
In This course, you will learn to sing the poetry of Kabir, the great 15-century saint who lived most of his life in Varanasi, from Padmashri Prahlad Tipaniya. Tipaniyaji, who follows the Malwi folk style, is not just a singer: he is also one of the most famous leaders of the Kabir Panth, a sect that practices the philosophy of Saint Kabir. Singing along with Tipaniyaji has been a wonderful experience for students who took his in previous years. Evaluation will be based on attendance and group performances.

CA 1014: Exploring the Performance Spectrum

Instructor: Jayachandran Palazhy
Going beyond traditional ideas of dance, Jayachandran Palazhy explores performance through the concept of movement through the path-breaking Bangalore-based studio Attakkalari. Choreographer for films like Uttama Villain, he creates a synthesis of Eastern and Western dance, performance martial arts traditions to share with students the joy and art of movement. In this course, participants will be led through various aspects of dance-making in its multiple manifestations including digital arts. Jayachandran Palazhy is an expert in Indian and Western dance and the Director of the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore. Evaluation will be based on attendance and progress.

CA 1016: Visual Arts: A Dialogue between Material and Process

Instructor: Sanchayan Ghosh
Sanchayan Ghosh started out as a painter, but is perhaps most famous for his site-specific artwork and installations. The aim of his course is to introduce to students the range and complexity of visual creativity. This course focuses especially on exploring the scroll-painting traditions of India, leading up to the class jointly producing two large-format scroll-paintings. Sanchayan Ghosh is Associate Professor in Painting at Viswa Barati, Shanti Niketan.Evaluation will be based on attendance and contribution to the paintings.

CA 1018: Newspaper Design for Dummies

Instructor: Amrith Lal
Offered by Amrith Lal, Associate Editor of The Indian Express, this course will train you to design a newspaper. By the end of the course, we expect that the course and its instuctor will jointly create IIT Hyderabad's official newspaper. Non-dummies are also cordially invited to participate. Evaluation will be based on attendance and progress.

CA 1019: Bollywood Calling: Introduction to Film

Instructor: Sanu John Varughese
Cinematographer for hits like Hasey toh Phasey, Karthik Calling Karthik and the Kamal Hasan starrer Vishwaroopam, Sanu John Varughese will walk you through the basics of film-making. Take out your cameras or smartphones and prepare to shoot at sight! Evaluation will be based on attendance and progress.

CA 1020: Introduction to Pottery and Ceramics

Instructor: Jagruti Dutta
The title of the course is self-explanatory, of course. One of the most innovative artists of her generation, Jagruti Dutta will teach you the magic of reimagining objects of everyday use as artworks. If you like to mess around with clay, don't miss this course! Evaluation will be based on attendance and progress.

CA 1021: Understanding Cinema: Five Days at the Movies

Instructor: Shubhra Gupta
This is a film-appreciation course. Shubhra Gupta is a renowned film critic who writes for the Indian Express. We guarantee that this course will permanently transform your movie-watching experience. So get ready to boost your visual intelligence with Shubhra Gupta! Evaluation will be based on attendance and group assignments.

CA 1022: Rohi Rang: Sufi Music with Mukhtiyar Ali

Instructor: Mukhtiyar Ali.
Mukhtiyar Ali needs no introduction to lovers of Sufi Music. You will sing great Sufi compositions with him and be introduced to the wisdom of the Sufis. With this course, you are in for an aesthetic and spiritual treat. If you enjoyed the course "Singing Kabir with Prahlad Tipaniya" (and we know you did!), then Muktyar Ali is Tipaniyaji on steroids. Evaluation will be based on attendance and group performances at the end of the course.

CA 1023: Introduction to Karnatic Music

Instructor: Shri ‘Violin’ Vasudevan.
This course is offered by Shri ‘Violin’ Vasudevan, a reputed violinist and vocalist who has striven to develop scientific approaches towards Indian classical music. This course will introduce the fundamental principles of Karnatic Music to beginners; he has successfully offered similar courses at IIIT, Hyderabad. As in all CA courses, students will be encouraged to learn theoretical principles through actual practice. While the emphasis will be on vocal music, the course will also help you to understand various other forms of Karnatic music, including instrumental music and percussion. Evaluation will be based on attendance and group performances.

CA 1024: Indian Classical Dance

Instructor: Purvadhanashree.
This course is offered by Purvadhanashree, the award-winning Bharatnatyam dancer, who is also an important practitioner of the rare Vilasini Natyam. This course will introduce the fundamental principles of Indian Classical Dance through Bharatnatyam. This course will be a good complement to CA 1014 Exploring the Performance Spectrum, which goes beyond Indian forms and integrates Western classical and contemporary modes as well. Evaluation will be based on attendance and group performances.

CA 1025: Madhubani Painting

Instructor: Shalinee Kumari.
Offered by Shalinee Kumari, an upcoming traditional Madhubani artist who has also been trained in the Mithila Art Institute, this course will introduce students to one of the most vibrant folk art traditions of India and Nepal. Evaluation will be based on attendance and progress.

CA 1026: Kalamkari Painting

Instructor: Viswanath Reddy & Mamta Reddy.
This course will introduce students to an art form that is closely bound to the history of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Viswanath Reddy, is a traditional master in the Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari art, and will walk students through traditional designs and printing techniques. Evaluation will be based on attendance and progress.

CA 1027: Understanding Hyderabad and Its Heritage

Instructors: Anuradha Reddy, Anuradha Naik.
This course takes students on a tour of Hyderabad, and provides opportunities for creative assignments, including producing videos and photo essays on Hyderabad and its rich heritage. The course is offered in collaboration with Liberal Arts and Design, with Haripriya Narasimhan and Neel PK serving as the coordinators. Please note: This course is also being offered as an LA course; please register for only one of them. Both courses are the same; the different numbers are for administrative purposes alone.

CA 1028: Introduction to Creative Writing

Instructor: Dr Mani Rao.
If you want to have fun with language and explore your abilities as a writer of fiction or creative non-fiction, this is the course for you. The course will follow the workshop-based approach followed in creative writing courses around the world. Dr Mani Rao is a widely-published and internationally-acclaimed poet and scholar: you can read more about her at

CA 1029: Initiation to Dhrupad for All

Instructor: Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar.
In this course, you will experience Dhrupad, one of the most ancient and austere of Indian forms of Indian classical music. Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar represents the great Dagar tradition in Dhrupad Music. He was honoured with the Padma Shri in 2010.

CA 1030: Flamenco Dance Basics

Instructor: Yuka Kataoka.
This course aims to help the students to get hands-on experience of Flamenco, the dance form native to the Spanish region of Andalusia. Through this course, students can gain basic knowledge of the dance and acquire the basic skills such as coordinating steps and movements along with the song. Training will begin with learning the “Sevillanas”, the folk music and dance form of the Seville region in Spain. Previous experience in dance is not required for this course and of course all students regardless of gender are welcome.

CA 1031: Music, Masti and More: Introduction to Film Music and Technology

Instructor: Ramana Gogula.
Offered by acclaimed music director Ramana Gogula, this course introduces students to the basics of music composition for films. Following a highly interactive format, the instructor will train students to compose music for film songs; he will also introduce students to the composition of background music for films and familiarize them with the technological tools used by contemporary music directors. No previous knowledge of music is required.

CA 1032: Musics from the World

Instructor: Arko Mukhaerjee.
The intent of this course is to expose students to varieties of folk music across the world categorized 'World Music'. This three day workshop will deal with understanding links between migration and music, music appreciation, world percussion and Afro-Cuban percussion along with polyrhythms. It will involve demos, films and participatory performances (singing and playing along). About the Artist: "Formally trained in Indian classical music from his parents, Arko is equally versatile with European, African, Middle – eastern, American and Indian folk songs along with blues, soul and several tribal music forms from India and Bengal in particular, which is what gives all his collaborations and projects, a unique blend of the tradition and the modern. He sings in more than 15 different languages and has been travelling all over Europe, collaborating with several other musicians in France, England and Germany and has played in eminent music festivals in Europe. During his time in France for the past 4 years, Arko has been playing with French folk and gypsy jazz musicians and African traditional artists."

CA 1033: Filmmaking for Beginners

Instructor: Rajeev Ravi.
Using a workshop-style method of teaching, the award-winning cinematographer and director Rajeev Ravi will walk students through various aspects of filmmaking, including photography, scripting, screenplay, and direction. Students will produce their own short films by the end of the course under Rajeev Ravi's guidance. Rajeev Ravi has had an illustrious career as a cinematographer: Mathur Bhandarkar's Chandni Bar, Anurag Kashyap's films including Dev D, Gulal, Gangs of Wasseypur, and Bombay Velvet, and most recently, Abhishek Chaubey's Udta Punjab. He won the National Award for best cinematographer for Liar's Dice (India's official Oscar entry for 2015). He is also a reputed director in Malayalam, and has directed award-winning and financially successful films such as Annayum Rasoolum (a reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet; 2013) and Kummattipaadam (2016).

CA 1034: Principles of Comedy

Instructor: Vasu Primlani.
The objectives of this course are to introduce students to the concept of writing and performing comedy. This course will get students through the structure and integral principles of comedy. What is the definition of a joke? What is not a joke? What are the rules of comedy? How do you know how good you are? Do you have the skills to be a professional? While everyone uses comedy, from the corporate world to President Barrack Obama, where all can you use comedy, and for what purpose? What are the careers you can adopt as a comedian? Do you want to be a writer? A performer? Use comedy in your professional and personal life? Students will be taught through lecture demonstrations, AV examples dissecting comedy themes, structure, premises, punchlines, stage presence, of comedians and sitcoms. The language of the course will be in Hindi and English. The grading will consist of course work, class interaction, staged open mic, performance in the last open mic competition with local professional comedians judging that performance along professional metrics. Vasu Primlani is a comedian, actor, academic, triathlete, and environmental activist. You can read more about her here:

CA 1035: Kathak Yatra

Instructor: Sushmita Banerjee.
‘Kathak Yatra’ explores the rich traditions associated with the North Indian dance form of Kathak. Using a workshop method of teaching, the Kathak artist Sushmita Banerjee will guide students through the gestural, expressive and rhythmic aspects of Kathak. The course will also explore the history of the various ‘Gharanas’ or schools of Kathak, and their engagement with Hindustani classical music styles including Thumri, Kajri and Dhrupad. The relationship between Kathak and various religious traditions—including the Sufi tradition—will also be of interest to this course. Vidushi Sushmita Banerjee is one of the most distinguished Kathak exponents in India. She started her training at the age of four in the Lucknow Gharana and has matured into an artiste who has performed all over Europe, Africa, North America, South-East Asia and India. She has established centers for teaching Kathak in Kolkata, Kerala and Geneva. She trained under Guru Pandit Ramnarayan Mishra, Shrimati Maya Chatterjee and Pandit Vijay Shankar. She helped revive the Katha Shaili of Kathak under the tutelage of Pandit Birju Maharaj. She is also a distinguished choreographer. (Courtesy: the artist’s website.)

CA 1036: Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body

Instructor: S.Sreedhar.
Through carefully guided and theoretically-informed practice, this course will introduce students to the three main components of Yoga: Asana (or postures); Pranayama (breath-based exercises); and Dhyana (mindfulness). The course will also help students to apply the principles of Yoga to achieve physical and psychological fitness, maximize their individual potential in all walks of life, and explore the spiritual riches that reside within each human being. The course is taught by Sri S. Sridhar, one of the most eminent Yoga teachers associated with the celebrated Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai. He became a student of T.K.V. Desikachar in the 1980s and learnt the nuances of Yoga in the ‘Gurukula’ style directly for over 3 decades. He has taught Yoga extensively in India and abroad, and represented India in World Yoga Festivals in China and the UK. He is also a Trustee of KYM, a member of the Executive Council of the Indian Yoga Association, a member of the Technical Committee of the Quality Council of India.

CA 1037 / LA 1411: Fun with Manga

Instructor: Ananth Maruthi and Gowra Hari.
The primary aim of the course is to make the student realize her ability to create an imaginary world and visualize it in sufficient detail to bring it to life via Manga art. The course consists of two main sections: story development and art. These further consist of sub-topics such as character development, world building, and techniques in fine art. Differences between Manga and regular comics will also be discussed. At the end of the course the student will have an exciting story told through the unique Manga idiom. Ananth Maruthi and Gowra Hari are the authors Kakaa: The Shaman Trials (Faberley, Bengaluru, 2014), the first Manga to be published in India. Other works include GhostGirl (2017), Loss4A2 (2017), Tenjiku (2016), and Jataka Manga (2015). Their work has also been anthologized in Chronicles of Terror (WP Comics Ltd., UK, 2016) and Plus Manga (Plus Manga, USA, 2017). Since 2015, they have regularly conducted workshops at the Comic-Cons in Bengaluru and Chennai. Ananth Maruthi is an Engineer, and Gowra Hari holds an MFA in the visual arts.

CA 1038: Introduction to Western Classical Music

Instructor: Timothy Marthand.
The course consists of highly interactive sessions with the artist, with room for Q&A throughout, and filled with powerful recorded performances (audio and video). The course content will include: a study of the prominent composers - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, & Brahms; a brief study of the main instruments - piano, stringed instruments (including violin, viola, cello and double bass), woodwind instruments, brass, and percussion; and an introduction to the different eras in classical music - Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. The course also involves opportunities to interact with internationally renowned classical musicians and listen to live concerts. Timothy Birendra Marthand is an international classical concert-pianist born in Hyderabad, India. He has studied in Singapore, the United States and Europe with legendary musicians such as Leon Fleisher, Fou Ts'Ong, Dimitry Bashkirov and William Grant Naboré. Marthand is hailed as "poetic" and "a powerful force" not only for his performances but also for his pioneering work in classical music. He is the only Indian in residence at the International Piano Foundation headed by Martha Argerich on Lake Como, Italy. You can read more about his work at

CA 1039: Tai Chi: Breath and Movement

Instructor: Christopher Fernandes.
This course will introduce students to the fundamental principles of breath and movement in the martial art form of Tai Chi. Christopher Fernandes is a trained martial art exponent in the field of Wu-shu (Chinese war arts or military art) specializing in “Hua-Chuan Kung-Fu”, by the late Tibetan Lama Sevang Migyuar Nobu. Mr. Christopher became the first Indian to be trained in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. In 1988 he founded the Universal Martial Arts Research Centre, where an extensive research, data compiling was done in Indian Martial Arts – “Vajramushti”, now published by Creative House International Press, Texas, U.S.A, and available on He has also trained many upcoming actors at ‘Stella Adler Studio of Acting’, Mumbai. Since 1982, he has trained scores of students including security personnel, paramilitary forces, and civilians in armed & unarmed combat, and stress relieving techniques such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Nei Gong.

CA 1040: Western Classical Music and Science

Instructor: Oscar Jockel.
Offered by Oscar Jockel, a German composer, this course explores the connections between music and science. When the Greeks discovered the musical intervals they thought they discovered a cosmic filling system which would also explain the orbits of the planets. We know nowadays that there is no direct link, but there are many others that make connections in this modern world, such as in the fields of leadership, mathematics, aesthetics, philosophy or psychology. This course will be interactive so that students understand the basic theoretical frameworks relating to music and science. This knowledge and insight can be used to broaden and understand creative processes in all different fields. - leadership: leading like an orchestral conductor - ancient music theory: a scientific cosmic order - mathematics and computation in music - aesthetics in eastern and western music - the perception of time in music - musical tradition and progress: a conflict? Language of instruction: English Examination: 2 tests (one in the middle and one in the end)

CA 1041: Nakashi Art of Telangana

Instructor: Vaikuntam Nakash.
Nakashi is an artistic tradition that is embedded within the histories of local practices of Telangana - painted scrolls for story-telling, wooden figures for ritual worship, items of everyday use. Nakashi scrolls are the largest known instances of cloth paintings in India. The oldest known sample of nakashi artwork are two painted scrolls from the 16th century, housed today in the Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad. This course on "Nakashi art of Telangana' will be conducted by the eldest member of one of the few remaining practicing Nakashi families of Telangana, National Award Merit winner and Master Craftsman Danalakota Vaikuntam Nakash. As a practicing artist for the past 40 years, Vaikuntam Nakash will introduce students to the form and techniques of Nakashi art - narrative paintings on canvas and mask-making with sawdust. The objective of the course is to familiarize students with the aesthetic, visual and oral traditions of the Telangana region by engaging with the very protagonists of these traditions.

Creative Arts